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December 23, 2019 by /u/DrNoelleNelson


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João Staganelli Jr., at 64, who had to slow down at 60 due to a heart condition, could simply have settled for an R&R existence. But no! João, who some 30 years ago developed vitiligo (a disease, which although painless, causes the skin to lose pigment and color), decided to put his must-slow-down time to good use. He first learned amigurumi, a crochet technique used to craft plush toys, Then, he began making dolls that mirrored the vitiligo condition in an effort to improve vitiligo-afflicted children’s self-esteem. Representing a child in a doll that they could relate to is a powerful way of enhancing self-perception. João then began making dolls representing other challenging conditions children experience such as being wheelchair bound or visually impaired. To date he has crocheted some 200 dolls!


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