Meet An“Amazing” Whose Love Of Music Is Proving Practical : Seniors

January 10, 2020 by /u/DrNoelleNelson


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Lorna Prendergast, at 90, received a Master’s Degree in Aging from the University of Melbourne, having pursued her studies online for the most part. Her accomplishment just goes to show that seniors, although not brought up in the age of technology, are every bit as capable as younger generations to use technology to accomplish their dreams.

For Lorna, her interest in music and aging began when she visited her husband in a nursing home the last few years before he passed. She always loved and had great appreciation for music, but only after observing residents in the nursing home and their reactions to music that Lorna became intrigued with the potential of music’s positive influence on Alzheimer’s and related disorders. With that, she decided to learn more about it, and here she is, a new graduate, ready to use her skills and training to benefit others.


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