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Men Don’t Like Doctors, but They do Like Freebies

Men generally go less often to the doctor. Whether it’s fear of getting a bad diagnosis, embarrassment to discuss sexual and urinary symptoms, or thinking they can handle health issues on their own, the numbers say time and time again that men aren’t really a fan of going to the doctor. So what’s a good way to get men to care more about their health, especially older men with a prostate enlargement called BPH who should see a doctor?

Try health fairs. Health fairs can be a great way to instill awareness and initiative in men, as they can serve as a midway point between a man’s home and his doctor’s office. Health fairs have booths with freebies (flyers, health brochures, knickknacks, snack samples, coupons, etc.). Doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, alternative and natural health practices, and exercise studios also host screenings, activities, games, and more. The environment is more relaxed than a doctor’s office, so it can give men time to prepare before they approach their doctor.

Men’s health fairs are especially good opportunities to bring awareness of BPH to attendees. Some men might not even be familiar with the acronym BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), but they might very well be aware of symptoms like getting up many times a night to go to the bathroom, poor urinary flow, sensation of incomplete voiding, urges, struggle to start urinating, and incontinence. And because these symptoms can be shared among other prostatic and bladder health issues, it is important for men who don’t know their diagnosis to confirm their condition with their doctor. When some men prefer natural treatments, it is also good to go to a health fair and see what new options are out there, as well as learn about the tried and true treatments.

Health fairs aren’t as stressful, so if you’re a man, you can enjoy the fair environment with friends, family, and fellow men while also empowering your health with knowledge and initiative!


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