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Men With BPH Need Love, Too

The best type of support is the one that is there through thick and thin, good and bad. Men with BPH want to enjoy the best times of their lives, but life isn’t full of 100% good times. BPH is a condition in older men where the prostate enlarges, usually interfering with the urinary system in the form of frequent urination at night, struggle to urinate, poor urinary flow, stopping and starting, inability to void completely, sensation of not fully voiding, incontinence, etc.

Prostate enlargement is not just an old man’s issue. Their loved ones are affected, too. When a man with BPH cannot hang out with his friends and family due to frequent urination troubles, he is losing out on significant social experiences like outings, birthdays, parties, and reunions. When he has to get up to go the bathroom many times a night, he is losing out on a good night’s rest to keep his mind clear and stress free. He is also potentially having trouble with his partner in the bedroom, especially if he’s on medication with sexual side effects.

Some men are walking around with an enlarged prostate who don’t even know the term “BPH!” It’s usually not until they are told by their doctor what it is that they first discover how a prostate grows in age. How can we make sure men know more about their bodies and do more for their BPH? Loving them and showing that love by responsibly sharing information that is as accurate as possible. Bringing awareness to BPH to the public will help us show more love for our older men, our fathers, our grandfathers, our brothers, and our friends.

For men with mild BPH, consider how a natural clinically proven treatment, as well as healthy lifestyle modifications and practices, could help you reduce the negative impacts of BPH.

Stay informed, love yourself, see your doctor, and live a healthy, happy life free from worry of BPH!


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