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March 31, 2020 by /u/sunjourhc


How Older Men with BPH Can Appreciate Life During the Pandemic

Although it’s not just older men with BPH (prostate enlargement) who are going through the pandemic, our awareness campaign wants to bring this condition to the public eye. BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common condition in older men in which the prostate grows to a larger size, potentially interfering with the urinary system (bladder, urethra and kidneys). Symptoms include frequent urination and struggle to urinate smoothly. Among men’s health talks, we might not hear about BPH by name but we are familiar with men going to the bathroom more as they get older as well as prostate jokes (BPH is no joke, though).

Anyway, now that we got the awareness part up there, let’s talk about the global pandemic we are going through alongside our senior men with BPH. This pandemic has taught everyone, including those men with BPH, that life is precious and we should enjoy the gift of life by protecting it for ourselves, our loved ones, and others. Yes, some of us may have daily struggles related to livelihood and other health problems aside from the fears of the pandemic, but there’s something to be said about being able to go to sleep at night and wake up again the next morning. There is something profound about life that we hope many can come to understand. As we work to get our health in order, we hope that managing the health conditions and ailments that affect us and our loved ones can bring us together and motivate us to find solutions to prolong and improve quality of life.

For men with BPH, practicing good nutrition and physical activity as well as voiding techniques to facilitate and cope with the symptoms of mild BPH are one step in the right direction. Advice from doctors and medical support groups can help. Trying safe and natural solutions that have been studied and consulted with their doctors could be another path.

If you are reading this, you are living- we hope that as March comes to a close, in these troubling times you are still gripping firmly on hope, positive sentiments and the gift of your precious life. The spring season has come to grace us with flowers, warmer weather, and rain for the plant life. We can also awaken like the flowering buds in our newfound appreciation for life! 


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