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Natural Plants (Like Pot) and Prostate Enlargement

April 20th is a day celebrated by the marijuana community. Whether you’re a big proponent of it or not, this plant has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes around the world. Like marijuana, many other herbs have also been used for medicinal purposes to support immunity, headaches, and other ailments and disease states in the time of our human ancestors and before the dawn of medicine and scientific research.

If you’re a man with prostate enlargement (medically known as BPH), an herbal approach to treating mild symptoms could be a step in improving your quality of life. Herbs may be used in their plant state or as extracts in supplements and nutraceuticals to consume them for the purposes of complementary medicine, holistic medicine, alternative medicine and plant based therapy.

It is important to speak with a doctor about your BPH because every man’s stage of BPH is different and the way it affect each man (frequent urination, struggle to start and stop urination, residual urine after voiding, poor urinary flow, sexual dysfunction, etc.). If you are considering a plant based approach, it is also important to know which ingredients are safe for you (in terms of allergies, use alongside other medications you are currently taking, pre-existing conditions, etc.). This can be discussed with a doctor and naturopathic physician.

The responsible search and sharing of information is also important. Finding clinical studies and ensuring the safety and efficacy of products is important to establishing trust, especially in the field of dietary supplements where there may be stigma due to skepticism behind ingredient purity, manufacturing and business practices, and baseless claims.

Men who are desperate to restore their life to a better sense of normalcy may be willing to try almost anything to treat their BPH, so we must support men to make sure they make a reasonable choice that is safe and low in risk. Herbs, if researched and offered properly, could be a solution to consider in alleviating symptoms, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and promoting better urinary flow for men with BPH.


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