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If UMOOZE Worked in BPH Clinical Trials, Could it Work for Other Men?

During the global pandemic, we wish everyone continue to stay safe and hope that we can regain a sense of new normalcy. As we continue to write about prostate enlargement (BPH), we want the community to hold on to strength and hope for a world of better health.

Prostate enlargement may be accompanied by frequent urination, slow and poor urinary flow, and perhaps even some degree of sexual dysfunction. For men who have mild BPH, UMOOZE is probably an unfamiliar name. It was originally made in Taiwan but is offered around the world. In a 2014 clinical trial, it was shown to improve IPSS (international prostate symptom score), urinary flow rate, post voiding residual volume, prostate volume, PSA (prostate specific antigen) level, and quality of life compared to a corn starch placebo. Do you know of other supplements that have undergone clinical trials for BPH support? Although there may be a sense of hesitancy for some when considering a supplement to support one’s health, in the mild stage of BPH, a safe, plant based add-on to positive lifestyle modifications could be worth a try.

The main ingredients are astragalus, an herb known for immune boosting and antioxidant effects, and soy, a healthy low fat protein staple in Asian diets (possibly a reason why Asian men have a lower BPH incidence rate). What are your thoughts on UMOOZE and what questions do you have about it? Whether you are interested in giving it a try or not, getting the conversation rolling about BPH is important! Do you want to see more studies about BPH and supplements that could potentially improve the prostate in a natural way with less side effects? The important thing of course is to ensure the ingredients are safe for you in terms of allergies, reactions to other medications you are currently taking, etc.

What other BPH topics do you want to see covered in our BPH blog?   


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