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November 30, 2020 by /u/sunjourhc


Like the Easter Bunny, Spring into Action for Prostate Enlargement (BPH)

How was your Easter weekend? For some it is a religious celebration and for others it’s a time to celebrate spring imagery with bunnies and decorated eggs. With the global pandemic, we may not have been able to spend Easter the same way as in previous years, but we hope everyone stays safe and healthy in hopes for a more eventful Easter next year!

Today’s blog is (unsurprisingly) about BPH. BPH stands for benign prostatic hyerplasia, and it’s a common prostate enlargement condition that may come with frequent urination, poor urinary flow, and other bladder related symptoms due to the anatomic proximity of prostate and bladder. This condition is more likely to affect men in older age, but you may not have heard of it unless you or someone you know was diagnosed by a doctor.

Now, what does Easter have to do with BPH? Easter is a spring holiday that brings about the feelings of reawakening and new beginnings. For men avoiding their yearly health checkups, for men with frequent urination who haven’t gone to their doctor to get that checked out, and for men who were diagnosed with BPH but haven’t made many positive lifestyle modifications to properly manage symptoms, this could be your chance to make a positive impact for your health. For those whose loved ones may have BPH, this is your chance to learn more about this condition and offer support. Although we may feel limited by the global pandemic, we can still make adjustments in the home to help BPH patients starting in the mind and home.

Playing an active role in BPH could mean more  chances to live a better quality of life by considering your options carefully and responsibly with doctors, support groups, and loved ones. Although there’s not a one size fits all solution for BPH, if you can weigh the risks and benefits, there could be a way to manage mild BPH in a safe way. For those in need of surgical and medical intervention, and for those who are struggling with the side effects of stronger forms of treatment, we hope you can find ways to recover from the side effects as well with therapeutic and medical support.

BPH patients and loved ones, this year’s Easter season may have passed, but your spring awakening could be around the corner! 


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